I have a fun 5-minute brainstorming exercise to share with you today. 

It’s one I use in my writing classes to help people kickstart their writing brain and get themselves in a positive and creative frame of mind that makes their words flow easier. 

And it starts with a simple question:  

>> What do you LOVE? <<

What are the things that touch your heart and thrill your senses and fill you with awe and inspiration? 

I’m talking about the PEOPLE, places, things, even the ideas, philosophies, or ways of thinking, or the experiences that you’ve had that you REALLY, TRULY love. 

Using a timer to give yourself a strict 2-minute limit, write down all of the ideas that occur to you in relation to that question: what do you love? 

Once your 2 minutes is up, review your list and choose ONE person, place, or thing on it. Then set your timer for another 2 minutes and use that time to write down everything you can about that thing. Again, the idea is to get as much down as possible within the 2-minute time limit. 

Then, when you’re done, close your eyes and visualize yourself experiencing the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations you associate with that thing. Then thank that person, place, or thing for the joy it has brought into your life and release it from your thoughts. 

Now you’re ready to write! 

Why start your writing sessions brainstorming about love? 

Brainstorming about something you LOVE can fill you with positive feelings and help you feel more connected to the world around you. It can also tune you into a deeper sense of purpose. 

This can help to infuse your writing with passion and purpose that will do a better job of capturing people’s interest and attention – and inspiring a higher level of engagement and action.

So if you ever sit down to write something and aren’t feeling particularly excited or motivated about it, take 5 minutes to brainstorm about the people, places, and things you love. 

I guarantee you’ll feel more energized and inspired to write!