I’m on a mission to help you achieve YOUR mission

My name is Erin and I’m a lifelong communications geek who wants to know everything about everything. That’s why I’ve written every kind of copy and content imaginable for so many different industries and audiences – because in my experience, the best way to learn about something is to write about it. 

I’ve written high-converting sales pages and funnel sequences for world-famous leaders in the personal development world… book chapters for one of the early Internet’s top marketing masterminds… Long-form SaaS product copy for C-level stakeholders in the retail, mining, financial, healthcare, and telecommunications industries… Press releases and ebooks and scripts for webinars and YouTube videos watched by millions… educational content across all topics for children aged 5-18…  and so much more.

Now I’m on a mission to help businesses and organizations who are dedicated to creating a greener, healthier, more sustainable world for all of us. 🌎✊

If you’re a green tech or sustainability-driven business or organization, I would love to use my decades-deep skills and experience to help you get your world-changing message out to the right audience. 

I can write your copy and content for you – or work with your team to hone your message and marketing/communications strategy to ensure your efforts get the results you want.

My writing has generated millions of dollars for my clients. Now I want to help you.

In my free time…

You’ll find me working on my passion project, Our Awesome Future – an information platform that explores the latest ideas and developments in green tech, sustainability, and environmental justice that could be helping to create our awesome future today. 

I also spend a ridiculous amount of time walking in the woods or along the beach where I live with my husband and two teen boys in rainforest land on the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada.

Let’s talk about how I can help you get your world-changing message out.