The best way to establish your credibility with people who don’t know you is with testimonials or reviews from trustworthy sources who can vouch for your awesomeness.

Testimonials can range from “sounds legit,” to “looks pretty good” to “OMG I WANT IT GIVE ME IT TO ME NOW.”

Hands-down the best customer review I’ve ever seen is the one that Matthew Inman, creator of popular web comic and blog site The Oatmeal, wrote about his Tesla Model S electric car.

It takes adoration of its subject to the next level and is a joy to read. (If you don’t mind a smattering of twisted humour.) I am not really a car person — but by the end of the first comic I was trying to figure out how I could get a second mortgage to buy one of those magical space cars at the soonest possible opportunity.

Check out the comic to see what I mean:


Clickety click

OMG. Tell me you don’t want an Intergalatic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder too.

But what I especially love about this testimonial is how Inman  takes all the positive emotion he’s whipped up about the car and applies it to a cause that’s bigger than gushing about a sweet vehicle.

In Part 2, Man vs. Motor, he opens with a short education on the history of Tesla Motors and its founder, Elon Musk — who also owns SpaceX– then transforms it into a shout-out to Musk and a public request for him to donate money to build a museum for genius inventor Nicola Tesla, whose name and technology the company uses.

You can see it here:

tesla 2
The great thing is, Musk recently agreed to pay $1 million toward the museum and construct a Tesla Supercharger station in the museum’s parking lot.

It’s like Inman said, “You’re awesome and your product is awesome and now I’d like to ask you to be even more awesome, in pursuit of making the world a better place.”

And Musk said, “Done.”

It seriously doesn’t get any better than that.