“Erin is a great writer who always exceeds my expectations. Not only is she a brilliant marketer, but her writing style is a breath of fresh air that has given new life to our campaigns. Each letter is so tightly crafted and well worded. The hooks are well thought out and our subscribers are responding like crazy!”

Working with Erin takes all the anxiety around website content out of the picture. It’s crucial that your website not only has great design features that are easy to navigate but a voice that is consistent, interesting and captivating. Erin makes that happen. Simply put: she rocks the talk.

Leah Goard

“Erin is not just an extremely talented copywriter, she is a highly skilled word maven you want on your team! Erin has the ability to identify your core message, which is the most critical piece of your marketing puzzle, and present it in such a way that turns your message into a magnet for your business… And to top it all off she is an absolute pleasure to work with!”

“I highly recommend Erin! Her expertise in writing compelling website and ebook copy created added value to the projects.”

Claudia HowardVP MarketingHoly Crap Cereal

“Erin is a true professional – knowledgeable, skilled and highly efficient. On top of that, she has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with.”

Pamela GoossenZoom Consulting

“Erin gets it. She produces results that are brilliant. She is easy to work with and adds value both with her writing and internet marketing knowledge. Two thumbs up for Erin!”

Bjorn EngaKranked Bikes

“Erin is a great resource for awesome and compelling copy – her experience is invaluable to truly understand industry ‘best practices’ and ensure maximum positive effect on campaigns.”

Wendy WeirOwner/FounderLibre Tea

“Erin gave us invaluable consulting help when we were overhauling our website and advised us on how best to lay out our copy and content in a way that would generate the best response from our customers. Thanks so much, Erin – we’re so happy with our new site, and we’re getting great feedback from our clients as well!”

Sarah Lowis CMP, CMM, BApresidentSea to Sky Meeting Management Inc.

“Erin was a gem to work with! The way she writes is simply magic. If you want copy that sells, I highly recommend Erin for your copy writing needs.”

“Erin Whalen is one of those rare professionals that you’ll feel lucky to have discovered and want to keep as your little secret… She quickly develops an intimate understanding of how to reach your target market and persuade them to take action, and then delivers high-quality copy proven to convert browsers into buyers. One of the sales letters she recently wrote for me resulted in a 61% increase in online ebook sales!

“Erin, you are an amazing writer and you’ve done so much to further me and my business. All I can say to those who are thinking of hiring you is “get ready for the big changes in who sees you, because your public presence is about to explode!”

“Erin’s a rarity: A great writer with razor-sharp marketing skills! I’ve hired her over and over again, and she’s a real pleasure to deal with.”

Michael Mathewsonsuccessful entrepreneur

“I hired Erin to reinvent my website and create a Facebook page and Twitter presence for me. I’m delighted with the results. I now have a website I’m proud to direct people to, and my business is growing week to week!
Thanks Erin – YOU ROCK!!”

Carol CairnsownerEat Your Burrito

“As a new author in today’s publishing world, I was hesitant (and inexperienced) to approach self-promotion and marketing of my books. Erin enthusiastically set me straight and quickly engineered a plan of action, short term and long term. With her snappy writing and savvy marketing know-how she set up a multi-faceted web presence. If you have the opportunity to work with Erin, do it!”

Kim Clarkauthor of Attemptations and Sit You Waiting

“Erin so captured the essence of who I am and what I wanted to say. I was thrilled. She also saved me $$ by helping me understand what my needs were when using social media and to gain clarity of what direction to take my business and my website.”

Kerri LucianiLuciani Designs