“Learn how to make massive amounts of money with your blog!”

“Watch this video to learn how you can generate hundreds of leads a day and convert them to dozens of reps per month!”

“Look at these amazing before and after results! Message me if you want to become impossibly beautiful AND make $50,000 by Christmas!”  

“Check out this one weird trick on how to solve your biggest problems with zero effort – FAST!”

I bet you’ve seen lots of posts like this on Facebook before… right?

What do you think when you see posts like these? How many do you like, click, watch or comment on?

If you’re like most people — who go to Facebook looking for entertainment, distraction, or some kind of social connection — I’m guessing the answer is “barely ever.”

I call posts like these “selling posts” for the obvious reason that they’ve been designed with one purpose in mind: to try and get you to buy something. And they end up not being very effective because most people don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to.

Or how about posts like these:

“I’m SOOOOOOO grateful that I get to work with such amazing clients.”

“My life is so outrageously awesome – I can’t believe how blessed I am!”

“I’m so excited to be working on this top-secret project that I can’t tell you about but I KNOW you’re absolutely going to love!”

They’re not as bad as the overly salesy ones above, right?

If someone you know posts this kind of status update, chances are you might like their post or even leave a comment to show support for them.

But still… how much do they really engage you?

If someone you didn’t know posted a status update like this in a business or community group, do you think you’d be inspired to like it or comment on it?

Probably not so much, I’m guessing.

I call posts like this “telling posts” – they tell you something about the person’s life or business, but they don’t really invite you to engage with them on any sort of deeper level.

In a worst-case scenario, they could even inspire envy instead of admiration and cause people to feel a certain amount of resentment at the oh-so-perfect representation of your life you’re showing them.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Kidding, kidding… 😉

Now consider these posts:

“OMG, you have to read this: it made me laugh so hard I cried.”

“Help! Which of these two popular options is the best choice for me?”

“Can you believe this woman’s incredible story? I’m so inspired by her!”

“AAAAAGH! Who’s watching (your favourite show)? Did you catch this week’s episode? If so, what the mother-lovin’ heck is going on with (main character)?”

“This is the most jaw-dropping video thing you’ll watch all week. Check it out and tell me what you think!”

What are the chances that you might be inspired to like, click, or comment on a post like one of these?

I’m guessing the chances are pretty high. Why? Because these posts are designed specifically for that purpose: to encourage people to ENGAGE with the content.

They offer a promise – you’ll laugh, be amazed, or inspired! Or they ask people to share their advice or commentary, which gives them an opportunity to be useful and/or talk about something they love.

I call posts like this “giving posts” because they GIVE something to their readers – the opportunity to connect, communicate, be entertained or informed.

When you focus on giving an experience to your readers – as opposed to TELLING them how amazing your life is or trying to SELL them something – you will be able to cultivate deeper and more rewarding relationships with them.

By focusing on THEIR wants and needs and offering them an enjoyable experience, you will earn their gratitude. They will feel like you truly care about THEM, and not just about impressing them or making money from them.

So when the time comes that you DO want to post an update that celebrates a recent victory in your business, or a new product you’re about to launch, they will already feel personally invested in you – and be far more likely to support your business.

And that’s what the power of social media is all about!