Dear business owners on the Internet,

Show us what you care about.

Don’t hide your passion behind the slick veneer of professionalism

Or emasculate your message to appeal to everyone

Because that’s an unachievable goal.

(And nobody likes pablum, anyway – not even babies.)

Show us what makes your heart beat faster and fills your soul to overflowing.

Share your joys, sorrows, challenges, and epiphanies

So we can learn from your experience.

Tell us what you see in the world around you.

Instead of pretending problems don’t exist (we all know they do),

Focus on the solutions: the people, organizations, and businesses that are working to create a better future for all of us.

And if there’s any way you can BE one of those people, organizations, or businesses, for all of us – take the leap.

Those of us who care will follow.

And those who don’t will wish they did.

Focus on uniting instead of dividing.

Give us hope for a better tomorrow.

You are a voice in the never-ending conversation of the Internet.

Say something that needs to be heard.

hearts in front of the sun - SMALL