Do you want to know the secret to capturing people’s immediate attention with your copy?

It’s simple: you start with the “happily ever after.” 

Here’s what I mean… 

Every worthwhile product, program, or service solves some sort of problem or challenge. 

… Yoga solves the problem of not feeling comfortable in your own body. 

… Fresh paint solves the problem of being tired of looking at your smudged and faded walls and embarrassed to invite people over to your home. 

… And leadership coaching solves the problem of feeling insecure in your abilities to inspire others to follow your lead and give their best effort to your vision. 

Every marketing story is like a fairy tale in that it’s all about a hero (your client) overcoming a monster (their problem or challenge) with the help of a magic tool or fairy godmother (your products or services) – and achieving the “happily ever after” they longed for. 

… The yoga practitioner feels healthy and strong in their body and has more energy and agility to enjoy life.

… The painter is able to look around their home with pleasure and pride and feel excited to invite others over to enjoy the space. 

… And the coaching client is able to inspire their team to show up as their best selves and achieve huge wins for the organization! 

But UNLIKE fairy-tales, a strong piece of sales copy doesn’t start with “Once upon a time…”

It starts with the “happily ever after.” 

It makes a PROMISE and says this is what you will experience if you pay attention to these words and take action on the offer you’re about to discover! 

And it paints a clear picture of what that happily ever after will look like and feel like so your ideal client or customer is immediately able to understand the positive impact your offer will have on their lives if they decide to take action on it. 

This is what I call my “fairy-tale rule” of copywriting…

You get super clear on who the hero is, as well as the monster or challenge they need to overcome and what their “happily ever after” will look like once they have experienced the positive impact of your offer in their lives. 

Then START your copy with that “happily ever after” to capture people’s interest and convince them to keep reading!