Whoever came up with the proverb, “curiosity killed the cat” got it all wrong.

Curiosity isn’t something we should discourage. It’s something we should embrace and nurture whenever possible, in ourselves as well as in others.

When you’re curious, it means you’re open to learning something you don’t already know. You’re free to move away from long-held assumptions and beliefs and look at the world from different angles. You consider new ideas and perspectives without judgment or expectation – and grow your understanding of the world around you.

This is why curiosity is vital to the success of your business. It encourages you to ask the big questions and get the big answers that lead to game-changing growth in your business.

When you’re curious, you stop relying on what you think you know and start exploring what you don’t know. Instead of assuming you understand what people want, you ASK them what they want – and you look for better ways to serve their needs and communicate your value in a way that inspires a higher level of action.

It’s time to get curious

The following 11 questions will spark your curiosity and help you see your business – and the way you write about it – with fresh eyes.

  1. Where is the gap between what I think I’m offering and what I’m actually offering?
  1. Is there a better way to give my ideal clients what they need? 
  1. What makes me unique? What can I offer that no one else can?
  1. What are my ideal clients looking for? What are their goals – and what do they really want?
  1. Who am I really serving – and who do I WANT to serve?
  1. Am I writing from the heart – and is that coming through loud and clear in my writing?
  1. How can I connect on a deeper personal level with my ideal clients?
  1. How would I describe this if I were talking to my best friend, who also happened to be my ideal client?
  1. How would my ideal client describe the value of what I offer? What actual words words would they use? 
  2. What do people want me to write about? What topics and types of content are they most interested in receiving from me? 
  3. How can I say more with fewer words?

The more you’re able to let go of your regular assumptions and beliefs and ask these questions with a completely open and curious mind, the more powerful your answers will be — and the better your writing and your business will become.

Where to get the answers you can’t find yourself

Simple: you ask the experts.

If you want to know what your ideal clients think about the products and services you offer, ask your ideal clients.

If you want to know how to validate your market or do better job of marketing your products or services, talk to people who have already accomplished these things.

If you want to know if your article has the right tone, or if your website copy does a great job of sparking interest and explaining your value in a way that resonates, ask for feedback from people who you know will give you brutally honest feedback on it.

The answers for every question you could ever have about your business, your writing, your brand, reputation, and potential for growth are out there, waiting for you to find them.

All you have to do is get curious, and start asking.

In which I practice what I preach

Something I’m curious about is YOU. What are you looking for, in terms of information about writing for your business or advice on how to communicate your message more effectively online? What tools or resources are you looking for? What topics would you like me to write about on my blog and in these emails I send out?

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