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Pick Me

Here’s how we can work together

90-minute strategy session

Looking for advice on your next website or content marketing plan? We’ll help you craft a strategy that gets the best response from your customers or clients. Includes a pre-meeting questionnaire to maximize the use of our time together and a follow-up email to help you put our advice into action.


One-off gigs

If you only need occasional work done, this option probably makes the most sense. Ideal for when you need a one-off email, press release, or ebook written or want to overhaul your website copy.

5-hr package = $650
10-hr package = $1200
20-hr package = $2200

Additional hours = $110/hr

Three-month gigs

Book me for three-month contracts and save $150-$200/month

5-hr package = $500
10-hr package = $1000
20-hr package = $2000

Additional hours = $100/hr

What does it include?

Depending on the length and complexity of the writing job and the amount of research involved, here are some examples of what you’ll get for the time you book:

5-hr package =

  • one consultation & 2-3 press releases
  • one consultation & newsletter fully written, edited, and set up on Mailchimp or Constant Contact
  • 2-3 marketing emails (depending on length of email)
  • 2-3 blog posts

10-hr package =

  • one 6-8 page long salesletter
  • one 6-12 page ebook researched, written, and edited
  • rewrite of basic homepage copy & 2-3 more pages (depending on length of page content) – SEO included if keywords provided
  • one consult & landing page & 1-3 marketing emails

20-hr package =

  • consultation & complete copy re-do for a website with 5+ pages, with blog category, image & sidebar content suggestions – SEO included if keywords provided
  • consultation & 12-20 page long salesletter with image and graphic layout directions
  • series of 7 marketing emails
  • landing page & series of 5 marketing emails
  • one short 4-8 page ebook for opt-in plus 5 follow-up marketing emails

NOTE: I have years of SEO content writing under my belt. If you’re looking for optimized content that gets Google sweet on you but still appeals to human readers, let’s talk.

ALSO: I do not offer graphic design or video production services at this time. But I can help you find talented graphic artists, web designers or video producers to bring your content to life in a way that gets incredible results for your business.


Choose the payment option that works best for you – pay the full amount of the package upfront or opt to receive an invoice at the end of each month for the amount of hours worked during that month.

Please note that if you pay upfront but use more than the specified number of hours of our time, you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for the surplus.

Payments are accepted by cheque, e-transfer, or PayPal.

I only work with a few clients at a time

I am dedicated to providing maximum value to our clients. For that reason I only work with a select few clients at the same time – which means my schedule fills up fast.

If you’d like to chat about using my services, reserve your spot early by emailing erin@erinwhalen.com.


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