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How I procrastinated my way into becoming a prolific writer

(And how you can, too!)

A few Fridays ago, I did a word count on all the client projects I’d worked on that week. Turns out I’d written 25,738 words worth of copy & content in just five days.

That’s over 5,000 words a day!

So yeah, when it comes to output, I’m a bit of a machine. I can crank out a huge volume of good-to-go content in a very short period of time. It’s one of my strongest gifts as a writer – and one for which I’m exceedingly grateful.

But I wasn’t born this way… It’s something I developed over time, thanks to a “bad” habit that caused me a large amount of shame for many years.

What’s my terrible secret?

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The Upward Motion of YES

(Or: “An Epiphany I Had about the Nature of Communication While Standing On My Head”)

I was at my morning yoga class the other day, doing a headstand against the wall and thinking about what my wonderful yoga teacher, Marlene, had just said:

“Remember to lift your chin away from your chest in the upward motion of yes – it’s the best way to protect that lovely curve in your neck.”

We had talked before about the usefulness of that phrase – “the upward motion of yes.” After all, it’s hard to convey directions when you’re talking to someone who’s standing on her head! By referring to how we move our heads when we nod, it’s easier to visualize where to move our chin when we’re upside down.

But on this particular morning, as the blood rushed to my brain and I focused on not falling sideways and knocking into my similarly inverted neighbour, I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head. Read more

My three new favourite FREE writing tools

(They probably aren’t what you think…)

You know that feeling when you sit down to write and it feels like your brain has been replaced by a herd of cats hissing and fighting and running in all directions at once?

(Or is that just me?)

Recently I’ve been taking more proactive measures to quiet those kitties in order to improve my mental focus and increase my productivity so I can use my writing time more efficiently and get more accomplished in a shorter period.

Here are the three tools that I’ve found to be most helpful in quieting those kitties and honing my powers of concentration: Read more

Is your Muse playing hard to get?

Woo her back with these 24 fun creative writing prompts

All right! It’s writing time!

You’ve got the house or office to yourself, there’s a hot cup of tea or coffee beside you, and you have a notebook and your favourite pen in hand.

Then you look down at that blank page in front of you and realize you have NO IDEA what you want to writeRead more

Words you will never see me write in my copy

Today I’d like to share 10 words & phrases that you will NEVER, EVER catch me using in my copy or content.

Read on to discover what they are — and why THESE words are on my “NEVER TO BE USED” list, while other, more shocking words HAVE made it into my copy (and will most likely rear their naughty heads again in the future).  Read more

What kind of Facebook poster are you — a seller, a teller, or a giver?

“Learn how to make massive amounts of money with your blog!”

“Watch this video to learn how you can generate hundreds of leads a day and convert them to dozens of reps per month!”

“Look at these amazing before and after results! Message me if you want to become impossibly beautiful AND make $50,000 by Christmas!”  

“Check out this one weird trick on how to solve your biggest problems with zero effort – FAST!”

I bet you’ve seen lots of posts like this on Facebook before… right?

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Size Matters – Part II

How long should your emails, blog posts, and sales pages be?

Last week I wrote a blog post about how important the size of your font, line lengths, and paragraphs are when you’re writing for an online audience.

(Click here if you haven’t read it.)

This week I’d like to extend that topic further and talk about how long your emails, blog posts, and sales pages should be in order to get the best possible results.

Here’s my answer – though I’m not sure you’re not going to like it… Read more