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Erin_online-6I’m Erin Whalen. Please consider my site as your go-to destination for inspiration, tools, and support on how to create unforgettable copy and content for your online audience.

I have 12+ years of experience providing content, copywriting, and consulting to businesses that want to go the extra distance to inspire and delight their customers.


My writing has helped generate millions of dollars in sales for my clients, who include game-changing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors, such as Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of The Success Principles.

If you’re an ethical company, entrepreneur, or artist actively working to make the world a better place, I’d love to help you get your message out!

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“I hired Erin to reinvent my website and create a Facebook page and Twitter presence for me. I’m delighted with the results. I now have a website I’m proud to direct people to, and my business is growing week to week! Thanks Erin – YOU ROCK!!”
Carol CairnsownerEat Your Burrito


Erin_online-7Book your spot on my dance card

I am dedicated to providing maximum value to my clients, so I work only with a select few clients at a time. This means my dance card fills up fast. If you’d like me to help you create engaging content that makes your customers love you, reserve your spot in my schedule ASAP.

Email erin@erinwhalen.com to learn more.

A little bit more about me

Erin_online-15I am a die-hard communications junkie with a passion for storytelling.

I began my writing career in 2000 as an educational writer creating content for teachers and students of all ages. A few years later, I got my first job as a professional copywriter and content developer.

Then, in 2008, my family and I moved from Vancouver to British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Why? Because this is what it looks like:

"nice view" in Gibsons, BC
photo by Joe Boyce – Burgess on Flickr

(Purdy, huh?)

Erin_online-3When we moved to the Coast, I was working for a marketing company in Vancouver that graciously let me work from home. But they folded suddenly in 2010, leaving me with a difficult choice:

Find a job in the city and spend zero time with my two young boys from Monday to Friday – or go into business for myself?



Actually, the choice wasn’t difficult at all. There was no way I was leaving my boys. Just look at ‘em:

So I took the leap and started my own business.

Erin_online-11Since then, I have been privileged to offer writing and consulting services to amazing clients who offer products or services that make the world better in some way.

It’s an honour to help them get their message out!

Erin_online-13A self-confessed online junkie

I’ll admit it: I tend to be glued to my computer about 8-10 hours a day. (Monday to Friday – I take the weekends off. Mostly.)

If I’m not writing, I’m reading and researching the stories that rise above the digital noise and capture the world’s attention.

Erin_online-12I’m obsessed with the Internet—not only as a communication tool, but also as an agent of change.

Now that almost everyone on the planet has access to so many people and such an unlimited amount of information, what are we going to do with that power?

Are we going to use it to work together – both people and businesses – to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable world?

I think we should. Don’t you?

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Meet my fabulous friends

I draw on the resources of a talented pool of writers, editors, photographers, artists, strategists and graphic and web designers to help me create top-quality content for our clients.

Scroll over the images to learn more about my talented friends. I am so grateful to have them in my life!